The Brother FS40 Electronic Sewing Machine Test

It is one of the most recognized and most popular electronic sewing machines by specialized sites as well as by beginning or more experienced seamstresses . For an electronic machine offered under the 200 € mark, Brother offers us an attractive machine with an unbeatable price-performance ratio  for many creative works. I propose you to discover our complete opinion on the Brother FS40 sewing machine .

A Sewing Machine With Disconcerting Simplicity

The Brother FS40 is equipped with a large LCD backlit display that displays all the information needed to achieve your points. When the sewing stitch number is selected, the display will show you which presser foot to use or the length and width of the stitch . The sewing machine offers you a choice of more than 40 stitches to allow you to diversify your books according to your desires or your needs. With its LED lighting and 40 Watts motor , you can sew thick fabrics, thin or even elastic materials. The machine also offers  5 buttonholes including an automatic buttonhole achievable in one step and of course you can adjust the length and width of the dots for even more precision.

An Electronic Machine with Well-Designed Features

For beginner seamstresses , the complete user manual and explanatory DVD supplied with the machine allow you to take it easy and use its features to the full. For the realization of long straight seams (curtains, tablecloths or sheets, …) or to wind your can , you will have the possibility to decide to sew with or without pedal . The speed adjustment (3 levels) ensures real comfort for the finishing of the points especially for those who have difficulty in controlling the sensitivity of the pedal. To sew hems on jersey, double needle and extra spool pin delivered with the machine will puncture pretty parallel seams.

Achieve Quality Seams with the Brother FS40

The Brother FS40 Electronic Sewing Machine will not allow you to adjust the presser foot pressure even if you have 7 feet supplied with the machine. However, this does not prevent to make hems of jeans or to sew on thick velvet trousers for example. The flat horizontal can is set up quickly and will allow you to visualize at any time the amount of wire remaining thanks to its transparent cover. Threading the thread is easy even in the absence of needle thread that you can buy for less than 10 € at Rascol .

Best Sewing Machine Reviews

You’ll appreciate his free arm for sewing tubular pieces, his reverse and reinforcement key , his manual thread cutter , the ability to adjust the thread tension or fix the position of the needle up / down when you finish a job. sting. The only (small) fault that can be blamed on this machine is to reprogram the length and point chosen at each point change or each restart of the machine. The latter does not keep in memory the last point used. This is far from embarrassing as the settings are easily made.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Brother FS40


  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Intuitive settings
  • Easy handling
  • silent
  • Lighting a little weak
  • Plastic finish
  • No registration of settings at restart or change of points


Who to recommend the Brother FS40?

This is one of our favorite sewing machines . For a very attractive price, the Brother FS40 electronic sewing machine offers a number of impressive features for an entry-level machine, which you will not find at any of its competitors like the Brother Innov-is 15 for example. Comfortable and easy to use , this electronic sewing machine is perfect for both beginner and experienced sewers .