Cat Litter Reviews – 5 Best Cat Litters

Remember that choosing the ideal cat litter for your needs affects whether or not you clutter train your cat. We refer to the court of public opinion, using Amazon’s publicly available database. The Majority of their bestsellers are for automatic litter boxes, but here are 5 best cat litter to get ordinary litter boxes:

best cat litter boxes

We’ll review these 5 brands of clutter according to the 7 following standards:

Convenience – Can it be a clumping litter?
Benefit – Is it flushable?
How well does it eliminate cat pee odor?
Is it pricey?
Does it track throughout the house?
All 5 manufacturers are clumping. However, the clumps formed by World’s Best are a little fragile and break can break apart easily. Dr. Elsey’s clumps are reported to be a bit sticky and difficult to scoop.

Be careful not to use clumping litter with kittens. Kittens are like children, they like to put things in their mouths. Should they eat the litter, they could get extremely sick once the litter clumps in their stomach.

Is the cat litter flushable?

World’s Best claims to be flushable. But unless you have set aside a budget to your plumber, then it’s advisable not to test out this claim yourself.

How well does it eliminate cat urine odor?

The best mess for cat urine odor removal are:
Odor Lockers – Fresh Scent Clumping Cat Litter
Fresh Step Premium Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter. You need to check: best cat litter boxes

Despite the claims of World’s Greatest, their litter does not efficiently eliminate cat urine scents. At least, not for cats.

Is it pricey?

As to be expected, World’s Greatest has become the most expensive brand, at $38 for 34 pounds – it’s biodegradable, and asserts to be flushable.

Be careful if you purchase secondhand Cat Litter online – at a point of time, Amazon mismarked it to double its customary cost although you may still get it to get its usual price at your regional pet shop.

Is it dusty?

Both Odor Lockers and Fresh Measure are dusty. Some people also find Dr. Elsey’s to be a bit dusty.

Does it track all over the house?
Cats Appear to monitor World’s Best, Odor Lockers, and Dr. Elsey’s round the home. One way to deal with this is to put a mat on your cat’s path.

The two World’s Greatest and Odor Lockers are biodegradable. World’s Best is made of corn, while Odor Lockers consists of wood fibre.


World’s Best Cat Litter – some cats are allergic to its corn formula and many cats don’t enjoy the natural corn scent
Precious Cat Litter – this brand appears to have quality control problems. Many bags are dusty or do not clump correctly
Odor Lockers – less widely available as other manufacturers. The manufacturer appears to be shifting to online-only revenue
Dr. Elsey’s claims to draw cats to use the litter box, thus the greater cost. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for a few cats, so you need to test it using a smaller bag. They now make the “Cat Attract” additive separately, which means you may use it along with your normal cat litter instead.

As you can see from this particular cat litter review, all those 5 best cat litter has its own strengths and flaws. Which one you purchase is dependent on your needs and what your cat likes best. A lot of men and women don’t potty train their cats because they purchase the no way mess.