CDV300X Dashboard Camera

The CDV300X sprint cam is a brand new digital camera released in 2015 by the chinese language enterprise TCL virtual technologies. that is a totally discreet digital camera with a similar shape to the very popular B40 / A118 dash cam. but the CDV300X has some upgrades over the B40. The CDV300X uses the Ambarella A7LA50 processor in place of the Novatek NT96650 used inside the B40. The CMOS sensor is the Aptina AR0330CS. This processor / CMOS combination offers better night time video high-quality than the B40.

typical video exceptional throughout the day is superb and night satisfactory is good. The CDV300X statistics 1296p at 30f/s with a mean bit charge of about 15,000kpbs. The camera comes with a 1.fiveā€³ screen and constructed in GPS. build high-quality is better than the B40 and the layout permits for the camera to be mounted higher at the windshield then the B40. The CDV300X is pushed up onto the mount even as the B40 the digicam is pushed down onto the mount (B40 requires a few space above it to mount / unmount at the same time as the CDV300X does not). additionally the cradle has the USB port at the aspect which allows with mounting excessive on the windshield.

CDV300X 2

the size of the digital camera is 87mm x 59mm x 41mm with out the car mount and 107mm x 59mm x 46 mm with the automobile mount. This isn’t the smallest digicam and is barely larger than the B40. however, like the B40 the shape factor makes this camera pretty discreet when installed in a automobile with typically just the lens seen from the outside.

Other fashions

The CDV300X is part of a CDV300 model collection synthetic by means of TCL. the following desk summarizes the variations:

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CDV300 models

avenue parent uses the equal chassis for their SG7LA50G version (produced by using our member jokiin)

length contrast

Our member jokiin supplied some contrast snap shots of the SG7LA50G version against the B40, Mini 0803 and landscape S.

have to I purchase?

The CDV300X is a superb development over the B40. higher night time excellent, stepped forward construct best and constructed in GPS are super changes. whilst no longer having some of the high give up functions together with parking mode and WiFi, the CDV300X does the fundamentals very well. Reliability is unknown at this point though.

fee is better than the B40 but in case you are looking for a decent discreet digicam, the CDV300X is good. as a substitute, take into account the Mini 0805 which uses the identical Ambarella processor, is modest and charges simplest $ninety.