Wireless headphones


Denon AH-GC20 best wireless headphones are inside a hard case for transportation, which lies in a sturdy package that attracts the attention of the potential owner. You can be sure that in such a serious package headphones will be completely safe during transportation.


Denon engineers made the headphones reliable . All elements of the design (headband, hinges and forks for securing the bowls) are made of lightweight aluminum. You can be sure that the headphones will serve for a very long time, it’s almost impossible to break them by accident.

The outer part of the headphones is covered with matte soft-touch plastic.

Very pleased that the Denon AH-GC20 does not have touch controls, all buttons are real. This approach I like very much, the probability of false triggering is significantly reduced, or vice versa, non-triggering. In addition, it is much easier to remember the location of the buttons, which in the future will allow you to press them without hesitation, automatically. Also, if you have hardware control buttons, you immediately understand whether you pressed the button or not, while the touchpad does not give you any feedback.

The Bluetooth headphones have an active noise cancelling that works at a very good level. External noise is effectively silenced, especially the low-frequency component: the hum of a car, bus or subway.



The head of the headband is metal, it is impossible to break it. On the outside, the headband is covered with leather, and with the inside – a special breathing cloth. Under the fabric is a molded foam filler with a memory effect.

Thus, even with prolonged listening to headphones your head will not feel uncomfortable . Foam filler differs from the usual foam rubber in that it “remembers” the shape with which it interacts, while distributing pressure over a larger area, due to this, the headphones almost do not press on the head.

The plugs that connect the headphone cups with the headband are made of aluminum. Moreover, the hinges with which the fastening takes place are also aluminum. Thanks to which the overall reliability of the construction of the best Bluetooth headphones deserves the highest evaluation.